Running Away


Faded Recollections

At the beginning of grade 7 ,in 1966, my class moved to another school, not that far away but a world apart from what we knew. The reputation was as a tough school with tough kids, ready to fight at a drop of a hat. Twenty five kids joining a new school gave us an awkward comfort. At least we knew each other and could rally together if we didn’t understand the rules de jour. I was sure from the first moment that one of the regular kids was waiting to pounce on one of us (me) with fists flying and feet kicking. Turned out that they were more curious and cautious than cranky and cruel. By mid-September, we were fitting in and I had a couple new east-side friends. We were all north end kids so we had that in common. Instead of twenty-five possible friends, there were now…

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Share Price Calculation Changes


Empire Kred

Tonight we will be pushing live some changes to the Empire Avenue Share Price calculation. Most people should see no changes overnight. Essentially, for almost all people, social media will no longer affect the share price on a daily basis. The selling and buying of your Shares will drive your share price up, or down.

We’ve created a FAQ on questions you may have about the Empire Avenue Share Price. Please read it carefully.

Question: What is the Empire Avenue Share Price?

The Empire Avenue Share Price is the price of a single “Share” for your Social Media Profile on the Empire Avenue Market. Like the real-world Stock Market, your price is speculative and based on how many people value your Social Media profile. Every time someone buys a single share in you, your share price increases by a small amount. Every time someone sells a single share in you…

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What Is “The Road To Paris” in 2015 ? — and How Did You Find Yourself On It?


U.S./China Clean Energy

Yes, You’re On The Road to Paris

Let’s take the second question first.  How did you find yourself on the road to Paris?  Well, that’s because you’re a human being sharing in the planet’s oxygen, foodstuffs and other resources, and because you, like your other planetary co-habitants, have ceded some of your autonomy to governments since the dawn of civilization.  From that view, the 2015 Road to Paris is the effort being undertaken by all the nations in the world to take their first meaningful step together in the direction of averting the risk of planetary environmental destabilization.  It’s encouraging that this first big step looks likely to happen in 2015, because the nations of the world have been talking about the step, without taking it, since 1995.

What is this step?  Essentially, it’s the world all signing on together to a insurance plan at the global level. The insurance…

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The most interesting 3D printers introduced (so far) at CES 2015


It’s difficult to believe it was only a year ago that 3D printers became a common sight at CES. They are back again this year, with a whole range of startups and established firms flexing their maturing lineups of machines.

This is what 3D printing will look like in 2015.

The staples

Well-established players like MakerBot and 3D Systems aren’t likely to release any major updates to the flagship desktop machines they debuted last year at CES, but plenty of other companies are willing to fill that void.

Ultimaker, now three years old, expanded beyond its Ultimaker 2 with the Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended. The $1,450 Go is smaller and lacks a heated bed. The $3,030 Extended is bigger, faster and capable of printing in finer detail. They have the same screen and touch wheel as the Ultimaker 2. I noted in November that the Ultimaker 2 is becoming…

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