Life experiment: Can YOU take a break from tech 1 day out of the week EVERY WEEK, consistently?!

Technology... in PLAIN ENGLISH!

filmmaker on aol tiffany shlain future starts here technology

Roughly a year ago, I had the fortune of speaking with Tiffany Shlain about Season 1 of The Future Starts Here, a film series she created about the role tech plays in our lives and societies. I was delighted because she has gone on record saying she considers herself “a conversation-maker, not a filmmaker.” I’m still amazed she allows herself only 6 days of technology per week. Every Friday, beginning at sundown, through to sundown Saturday is reserved for family time! That means: No computers, no smartphones, no tablets – basically the rule is – No screens for 24 hours!! This pays light-hearted homage to Shabbat, which begins at sundown on Fridays. Tiffany says taking a “technology Shabbat” is a significant part of her lifestyle. I can only imagine the discipline it took in the very beginning. Here’s what I asked her in 2013:

Q: Hi Tiffany. It’s…

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