Life experiment: Can YOU take a break from tech 1 day out of the week EVERY WEEK, consistently?!

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Roughly a year ago, I had the fortune of speaking with Tiffany Shlain about Season 1 of The Future Starts Here, a film series she created about the role tech plays in our lives and societies. I was delighted because she has gone on record saying she considers herself “a conversation-maker, not a filmmaker.” I’m still amazed she allows herself only 6 days of technology per week. Every Friday, beginning at sundown, through to sundown Saturday is reserved for family time! That means: No computers, no smartphones, no tablets – basically the rule is – No screens for 24 hours!! This pays light-hearted homage to Shabbat, which begins at sundown on Fridays. Tiffany says taking a “technology Shabbat” is a significant part of her lifestyle. I can only imagine the discipline it took in the very beginning. Here’s what I asked her in 2013:

Q: Hi Tiffany. It’s…

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Xabi Alonso beim FC Bayern – und das ist gut so!


Frank Wilhelm Gaul's Blog

Wer hätte denn noch während der WM gedacht, dass ein Real-Urgestein wie Xabi Alonso auch nur mit dem Gedanken spielen könnte jemals zum FC Bayern zu wechseln!

Profi und erfahren genug hat er die Signale von Ancelotti durch zweimalige Nicht-Berücksichtigung richtig gedeutet, die Zukunft auf seiner angestammten Position gehört bei Real nun anderen. Und dann kam zeitgleich die Anfrage aus München.

Man darf Xabi Alonso durchaus glauben, dass er sich sehr schnell auf das Angebot des FC Bayern eingelassen hat, natürlich auch befördert durch das immer enger werdende Transfer-Fenster.


Er ist mehr als ein Gewinn für den FC Bayern, sportlich wie auch für die Außendarstellung und die Wahrnehmung des Vereins weltweit. Unsere germanischen Sport-Journalisten vergessen bei aller Kritik immer gerne mangels Sprachkenntnissen, wie die Reaktionen zu diesem Transfer weltweit aussehen, vor allem in Spanien und bei den Real-Fans.

Nach einem so erfahrenen gestandenen Spieler mit der Ausstrahlung auf dem Platz…

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Looking for a Knit Factory (12-15 Sewing line) in the area of Gazipur/Savar of Bangladesh !!



Hello All,

We are looking for a local Knit Factory (12-15 basic sewing line) who have space but don’t have enough FOB orders to feedback the capacity either contractual/employment agreement!!!


  • Bank solvency – Able to open BBLC worth amount US$750,000 per month
  • Dyeing and Finishing: Should have dyeing plant to produce the regular fabric. Preferring dyeing finishing capacity 4-5 tons per day.
  • Mentally prepared to do well compliance factory
  • Able to run the factory at least 2 months by company’s own finance
  • Location – Preferred area Gazipur /Savar, Bangladesh.
  • If there any opportunity comes to do joint venture with a foreign company; be prepared to accept by mutual benefits.
  • New investors are also welcome, if ready to start project work immediately (estimated time within o3 months).

If you are interested, please feel free to ask for details by cell +8801819432605 or e-mail if require.

Best regards


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What is Holding Me Back?


Leadership Without Being in Charge

If I am only a passenger in the vehicle thinking I am the driver, I do not have the control I believe I have. If everyone is a passenger, while an unknown driver who knows our destination is driving, what is there to worry about? If the driver doesn’t know the destination why am I a passenger? If I am in one car on a train, where people are committed to one side of the car I ride makes all the difference in our destination, as long as the view from the side I am on makes me happy, confirms my belief, all is well. When I don’t like my view of the direction we are headed I may be tempted to switch sides believing that affects our destination somehow.

perspective2The squares and circles we use as excuses, arguments, justifications and beliefs never make any difference. Plato’s shadows on the…

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Dubai, The Villa Project, 5BR Villa, Type A1 ROI: 5.3%


We are moving

Type A1 front Type A1 front

Location: The Villa (Project), Dubailand, Dubai
Developer: Mazaya
Type: Detached Villa, Type Mazaya Aralia 1 (A1)
BUA: 3,600 sqft / 334 sqm
Bedrooms: 5 + Maid’s + Family + Laundry + Storage
Service fees: AED 13k p. year


  • USD: 1.05M
  • EUR: 0.78M
  • AED: 3.8M

Rent: AED 200,000+ p. year

  • (200k -13k)/ 3.75M * 100 = 5.0% net (5.3% gross)
  • (200k -13k)/ 3.65M * 100 = 5.1% net (5.5% gross)
  • (200k -13k)/ 3.55M * 100 = 5.3% net (5.6% gross) + appreciation

Finance and property management available.

Do you need more information, better quality or have a proposal? Please contact us.

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Empire Avenue Mission Mania has begun #EAv-Missions

Empire Kred

One of the most powerful aspects of Empire Avenue is the ability to run missions .


Ready, set, DOUBLE your daily dividends by doing missions!

UTC: Aug 22 0100 => Sept 2 0100 (EDT: Aug 21 9:00 pm => Sept 1 9:00 pm)

What do you need to do ?

* Do at LEAST 11 missions in every 24 hour period to trigger dividend bonuses

What will you earn ?

* You’ll earn an extra 2% payout on dividends UP TO 100% (or 50 missions)
* You MUST maintain positive feedback — negative feedback will disqualify you for that 24 hour period
* GIVE POSITIVE & NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO YOUR MISSION COMPLETERS — this is the time to recognize the people who go above and beyond by giving your mission extra attention.

* No feedback = ONE positive
* Positive feedback = TWO positive

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