Phuket International Soccer 7s – Shanghai Lions

Shanghai Lions (China, Shanghai). Team Color: Black. Captain: Charles Georg. Some of our key players’ introduction: Jerome “4trous”: repented heavy drinker, lots of hairs on his body, big mouth, small dick, will never be able to score a header… Francois “Fiotte”: almost veteran now but still kicking strikers asses…he has made his life goal not be on time to any meeting ever…. Charles “Gorge”: strong, handsome, funny, great forward or defense player, might be confused with Rooney… (for his skills of course) (guess who wrote the article…) Flying Gwen: better comic than player, he spends his time imitating other players of the team…If only he could imitate Puyol in our defense… Al’âne Mandale: AKA Juda….has a lot to prove in the team this year… In the name of all the Shanghai LIONS team players, we are proud to participate in this tournament and are in to win it!

See it here:


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