Week – #22 The Enthusiasm Mission

Leadership Without Being in Charge

I will revisit courage exclusively for a week often.  I will also include it as an aspect of everything going forward.  This week the attribute I will focus on is enthusiasm.  This is another mountain with no top.  However, I have found myself like a flea in a jar.  Fleas once courage6tired of banging themselves against the jar lid and the sides will stay inside the jar with the lid removed.  I keep a lid on my enthusiasm also.  I wonder if a larger jar will help.

One of the tasks this week is to take a vow of silence for 48 hours.  I will do it all at once beginning Wednesday afternoon. Before then, I will ensure my environment supports the adventure.  This year for Lent I am giving up ‘because’, ‘why’ and ‘is’ from all I say and write. Wednesday is the day I fast as well. With…

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