Awh the deafening silence…(artistry by Colin Hall)

so great, thanks for sharing 😉

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Deafening silence when the Voice is not heard.

Knowing the cycle of the rest point has occurred.

The first time this happened

when I was singing my song….

I stopped, nothing was happening – 

I thought there was something wrong.

The cycles of life, they ebb and they flow.

I must listen closer, deeper, this I know. 

I must focus on the Creator

I must learn to let go.

The silence is the place

where I can be renewed.

The silence is my refuge

when I come unglued.

The deafening silence

when the Voice is not heard…

Is the place where I go when

I am broken, yielding and still

Then the light appears

to show me the Creator’s will.

The glorious union

within and without

the light and the sound

erases all doubt.

In this place,

this moment,

my being, knowing, seeing place

I want to always be found. 

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