Yearning for the mountains with artistry by Colin Hall

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1512666_538209416277797_2115620167_n chI watched the sky.
I wondered ‘why?’
(Why is life more intense?)
I watched as my pain
Formed into rain.
It renewed the earth as it fell.
The earth sprung up
Into the mountainous skies.
The beauty was shards to Soul.
I caressed the
shards with my eyes;
wanting it to cut deep.1614524_538166879615384_1682126517_o
Cut away the dross.
Cut away the loss.
The peaks were covered with misty fog.
The peaks were covered in rain.
The peaks were breathing in glorious snow.
I was very jealous.
I need to feel that connected.
I want to lie on the top mountain peak.
I want  to caress the forest’s floor.
I want to know.
I want to be.
I want to be real.
I crave renewal and purpose.
1498175_536847943080611_1324611257_oI need to be free
of the pain of your passing.
I want to feel.
I long for
a mission.
I had to…

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