An Open Letter To The Suffering.

My fellow sufferer,

To be completely blunt, these past few months have been really tough for me. Life has not been fair to me. I’ve gone through so much emotional pain and physical hurt that I wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

Have you ever been where I am? Where I was?

Things just not going your way. Life hurts.

Maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you, maybe your spouse threw out the “D” word, maybe you’ve lost a close friend or family member…maybe even a child.

Yeah. It hurts, right?

It feels as if the whole world is falling in on you.

Like you have nowhere to go…like you’re being crushed on all sides.

Yep. I know that feeling.

What if I told you that God is using that for your ultimate good, and that He knows exactly what you are going through..and that He is even allowing these…

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