New Mission Reward Type and Mission “Blocking”

Empire Kred

Today we have rolled out some changes that affect Missions.

“Restrict Missions Completion” (otherwise known as Missions-Only Blocking)

You may now choose to Restrict your Missions from being completed by a specific user without actually “Blocking” that user. Restricting a user from your Missions prevents a user from doing your Missions. If you choose to “Block” that individual not only will they not be allowed to complete Missions, but they will also not be allowed to interact with you on any service or application provided by Empire Avenue, including the Social Stock Market. As with all negative feedback, being restricted by multiple users may impact overall ability to complete Missions

To Restrict someone, you must use the Feedback popup for the Mission Completer. Choose Negative Feedback and then Submit your Feedback along with Restricting Missions. You may also Restrict Missions on a person’s profile page. See Screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.55.54 AM

A BETA Mission Reward…

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