TRAFFIC – Google Suddenly Stop Sending Visitors To Your Blog? Try This Steps

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What Star Wars Can Teach You about #SEO by @jakemagleby

Photo credit: kPluto Imagine your site is like the Death Star. You’ve created your site, and it is now seems impenetrable. Your search engine rankings are fantastic, and you feel confident. Then, all of a sudden, your rankings plummet.

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5 social media metrics that your business should be tracking…

As data gets bigger, more ubiquitous, and more social, you’re right in assuming that at least some of it is important to you and your business. You’re posting regularly and engaged with social media. But are you using it correctly? Getting optimal results for your business? And how, exactly, are you supposed to know?

The trick is to identify specifically what social data is relevant – and to analyze just exactly what that data means. There are a slew of metrics, tools, and services to help you make sense of your business’ social data, as with any other data you’re managing.

As a general rule, seek out rates and more nuanced metrics, avoid overemphasizing simple counts and totals. Here, we highlight five of the most important social media metrics you should be tracking – and they’re not just the usual suspects….

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Oct 31 Nice EA starters to be bought prior before next Roll-Over Today!

Eav Daily Tips

Today’s interesting best active new starters since last roll-over! Buying them now could save you a substantial amount of eaves, before next Roll-Over! Normally newstarters will roll/turn around their Daily close at 13:30 UTC (GMT) ….

I have selected them and invested based on my own experience, activity and it’s special for those who missed an EA day and had less time to check newstarters or to compare your own experience!

Regarding the star quoting; the higher the stars, the higher there starting div’s normally!

The 1 stars didn’t connect all there SoMe yet, interesting to follow if they will connect later..

The newstarters on this list will start with better div’s and will rise interesting share points at least, during there first next roll-over/turn..

EA Link Current Share Activity 20,83 ** 26,59 ** 24,84 ** 22,37 ** 12,15 ** 22,75 ** 21,54

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When Prostate Cancer Returns – The Mayo Clinic Process Continues…

Motivational Speaker - Chuck Gallagher Business Ethics and Choices Expert

Not only is it disconcerting to find out that you have recurring prostate cancer, but then to have to deal with restrictive insurance companies and find out that it will only get worse, just adds icing to the cake of worry and stress.  The bright spot – dealing with the Mayo Clinic.

Health Care 2So here’s the deal.  You find you have a rising PSA when, without a prostate, your PSA should be zero.  Problem!

You then find that there is a wonderful test that potentially could identify where the growing prostate cancer is located so that appropriate treatment could take place.  Get the test!  Right?  Not so fast…

In the Mayo Clinic consult I find that in order for insurance to cover the test, they require other tests – CAT scan and Bone Scan – be done so that (my words – less expensive diagnostic tests) one can find out if…

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7 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers…


After you get used to how Pinterest works, one of the goals you’ll likely have is to increase your total number of followers. While pursuing quantity simply for the sake of vanity metrics isn’t the most effective strategy, there are definite benefits to increasing the number of targeted followers your profile has. As more people who are interested in what your business is sharing start following it, you’ll be able to increase repins, likes, comments, impressions and clicks. That in turn can help you with branding, driving traffic, attracting more leads and ultimately increasing sales.

Since it definitely makes sense to focus on that goal, how exactly do you go about accomplishing it? We’re going to cover seven actionable tips right now:

Display the Follow Button: Pinterest makes it easy to add a follow button to your website or blog. Since there’s a good chance that some of the visitors to your site will be Pinterest users but not know you’re active on the site, having this button in a prominent location can alert them to that fact and ultimately convert them to followers.

Use the Profile Widget: While this can serve the same role as the follow button, because it’s such a visual addition, it can actually attract more attention and clicks.

Share, Share, Share: Although this tip may seem obvious, it’s a proven fact that the more active you are on Pinterest, the more users you’re going to attract. Just keep in mind that the one caveat to that fact is you have to be focused on delivering value. People who are constantly pumping out what amounts to nothing more than self-promotional spam will end up losing followers instead of gaining them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Comment: As with blogs, leaving a comment that’s just a few words long isn’t going to help you much. But if you regularly leave comments that demonstrate your knowledge about a subject and interest in it, people are going to take notice. Those types of comments can show that you’re exactly the type of profile other users want to follow. Just be sure to limit yourself to a few comments a day so you’re not accidentally flagged by Pinterest for spamming.

Mention Other Users: You can use @username in the description of your pins. Doing so will get other user’s attention in a flattering manner.

Invite Friends from Other Sites: If you have friends on Facebook or Twitter who aren’t currently using Pinterest but you feel would enjoy doing so, you can actually invite them directly through Pinterest by connecting your other social media accounts and then searching for your friends.

Make Great Contributions to Group Boards: The whole purpose of group boards is to make it easy for multiple users to collaborate. And since they attract a lot of attention, taking the time to make really awesome pins should definitely bring some new followers your way.

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