Cotton Candy Throwing Event Extended!

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Empire Kred


We know how frustrating it was to have a few technical problems the last scheduled day of the Throwing Event, so we have extended to Midnight, September 5th (New York time) to make sure everyone has plenty of opportunities to share the fun with their friends and associates!

The announcement box on your Empire.Kred page now says:

Share Cotton Candy for the Festival of FUN

Send Cotton Candy between now and midnight (ET) September 5. When you send Cotton Candy to a fellow player, they receive 100,000e! Throw in batches from your shareholder, portfolio, and recent player pages.

1472283586_Sir_Rudiger_Festival_Banner_Rev1.pngREMEMBER – Log in every day to play and register for prize drawings!!

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Empire.Kred LIVE! Players share secrets of success

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Empire Kred

Empire.Kred LIVE! connects you with top players and social media experts who will share the tips and tricks you need to build YOUR influence.  (Interested in leading a session, a podcast, or a tweetup? Scroll down to find out how to get involved.)  All sessions are FREE and are presented by Empire.Kred players. Join us to get answers, support your fellow players, and share your insights!

Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions
Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging. 
Moderated by Steven Healey.
JULY 8, 2016 8:00 am ET  Claim your free ticket

The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions
Start at the beginning. What is a mission? Why would you run one? Who does them? How do you stand out? Knikkolette Church introduces you to the Empire.Kred “mission” – a powerful tool for introducing your content to…

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HINTS and CLUES for the Holiday weekend game at Empire.KRED!

Empire.Kred Wiki


Today sees the launch of the latest Empire.Kred extravaganza to celebrate the events of the weekend.

Join us at Empire.Kred!

Starts today at 8:00 pm ET and runs through to the 5th July ,

There are two parts to the celebration

You can send SPARKLERS to your friends on Empire.Kred so that they can light them in celebration of the weekend’s events , everyone you send a sparkler to will also receive eaves .

Note : Please do not light the sparklers before you send them !!

The second part is the hunt for Sparkling clues scattered throughout the site by Squirrel , the Empire.Kred moderators and friends , You will find them on missions and in the forums.

Crack the clue , find the matching member profile and post your answer on their timeline. If you have the correct answer and the correct profile you will earn a reward…

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Sir Rudiger’s Top 10 Reasons to Join the Leaders

Empire Kred

$2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP $2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP

Did you join the Empire after April 15th? You missed the deal of the century: The Ultimate Leaders Upgrade. This package of in-game benefits supercharges your game and lets you network with top players in Empire.Kred and around the web. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to build YOUR social media empire.

I, Sir Rudiger, love a deal. Right now the ULTIMATE LEADERS UPGRADE is on sale.You get over $2,000 of in-game benefits for up to 95% off. Let’s face it, you probably spend more for one night out than you’ll spend for this entire package of game benefits that will help you every single time you log in.  

Leaders is accepting members for a limited time — so whether you just joined, or missed the last sale, NOW IS THE TIME to give your game a powerful boost.


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New domain, new look: Welcome to Empire.Kred

Great new look!

Empire Kred

Last week we switched over from to Empire.Kred, today we switch to a new design that evokes our Kred brand but also keeps what made the former Empire Avenue a special place. Without further ado, some quick highlights!

  1. Mobile Friendly. This new design is much more mobile friendly and we’ll continue to enhance that aspect of the design in the future!Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.49.14 AM
  2. Reduces Clutter. By switching to a single column format where possible, we’ve forced a reduction in clutter in the interface which should encourage new members to learn the ropes fasterScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.32.29 AM
  3. Kred Scores. We’ve added Kred scores to your profiles. If you have Twitter, we’ve already given you your Kred Score. Connect your Twitter account to get your Kred score included. We will announce more on how Kred scores will be added to the game later.Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.53.13 AM
  4. Visual Missions. We’ve changed the Missions layout to be much more visual.
  5. Mission Images. 

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Sep 06 My daily investment tips today for Empire Avenue #EAv !

Thank you!

Eav Daily Tips

My today’s daily investment tips are based on:

1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

2/ Interesting newstarters who are on there way, to the 7th Day .


1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

Buying them now could save you a substantial amount of eaves, before they turn for their first time and in future! Normally newstarters will roll/turn around their Daily close at 13:00 UTC (GMT) and their first Share price correction at 14:00 UTC (GMT)…. My Daily tips will starts with higher divs normally and great potential, to grow much faster then most other newstarter accounts.

Around there 7th day there shareprice will be between 80 and 100 and the 3 or higher star rated mostly above 100!

EA Link Current Share activity 23.39 **

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Goos faba – sometimes online networking can lead to hurt feelings, mis-communication, misunderstandings, jumping to conclusions, and my recommendation…..

Thank you!

Watch this clip (Get past the 10 sec ad on youtube grrrr)
have a laugh, go outside, take a break, it’s a signal, you’re probably online too much
If you have mobile and not a PC or mac, than TURN IT OFF for a few hours
Go exercise
go read a book
Go cook dinner
Do something fun offline

Take care of yourself,

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Change My Mind


Make It Your Problem

When things aren’t as I expect them to be. When I am doubting a decision. When I don’t know what to do next. When I am feeling sorry for myself. I change my mind. My world is as much a product of my mental state as it the circumstances that surround me. Wallowing, worrying, whining, wincing and wasting make feel worse and don’t accomplish anything.

I change my mind and do the next possible, right thing.  Action bias conquers the 5 w’s. Doing something (anything) is better than doing nothing. If you take action you have something to fix and are creating a new momentum. when you are flat – take action. When you are low – take action. When you are high – take action. When you are sad – take action…. Take Action. Change your mind and take action.

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